Before we begin treatment, we talk to each child and his or her caregivers to get to know them, to help them understand the communication difficulties and discuss what we can do, together, to address the child’s needs.

A successful outcome rests on the foundation of a well-developed and multi-faceted treatment plan. At LS&LS we start by creating a detailed plan of action tailored to the child's specific needs. After each session, we review the child’s progress with the caregiver and give them specific activities to work on at home for the next session. In cases when the caregiver is someone other than a parent, we send thorough notes home for the parents to review—ensuring that they have contact with the Speech-Language Pathologist every week. 

Treatment is an ongoing process that takes place in all areas of a child’s life, and caregivers play a vital role—which is why our care extends beyond the office visit. LS&LS provides children and their families the support, training and encouragement they need to foster their child’s progress and development.